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US Mint Gold Coins

We are highly experienced in sourcing and selling US Mint gold coins. All our gold coins and bars are eligible for precious metal IRAs and can offer free fully insured shipping to protect your investments. Browse our range of US Mint gold coins for sale, featuring iconic pieces such as the American Gold Eagle, here today.

Buy US Mint Gold Coins

At Wall Street Metals IRA, we have a wide range of US Mint gold coins available for purchase. From the American Gold Eagle to the American Gold Buffalo, all of our IRA approved coins are eligible for fully insured shipping to be safely delivered to your home or your IRA custodian.

What is US Mint?

The US Mint is the only manufacturer of legal tender coins in the US, serving the American people by manufacturing and distributing coins and medals. The US Mint does not produce paper money, however the gold commemorative coins that the US Mint has produced have become incredibly valuable and make excellent investments for anyone with a precious metals IRA.

Are US Mint Gold Coins a Good Investment?

Many collectors consider US minted gold coins as good investments due to the premium values that they can attract. It is also important to note that older coins often hold a higher value than those that are newer, this is largely due to their historical value and aesthetics.

In the case of US Mint gold coins, there are a number of highly valued coins that make excellent investments for investors with precious metals IRAs. These commemorative coins include the likes of the American Gold Eagle and American Gold Buffalo coins. These coins have been known to hold their value extremely well due to their history and collectability as well as gold being an excellent commodity investment.

Why Buy US Mint Gold from Wall Street Metals IRA?

The precious metals market is built for corporations, governments, and fund managers but Wall Street Metals IRA is different. We’re built for individuals like retired teachers and small business owners. We do this by not charging any commissions as well as making every step of the investment transparent before you make a decision!

It can be difficult to know where to start when investing in precious metals, which is why you need an expert like us. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you receive nothing but the finest US Mint gold coins when it comes to quality, investment potential and beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors can expect to see significant tax savings by investing in precious metals using an IRA vs. investing outside an IRA. Download our guide to precious metals IRAs to learn about the tax benefits of using a traditional or ROTH IRA to invest in physical precious metals.

If you wish to have your coins held in an IRA we can act on your behalf and deal with your custodian to ensure safe, quick, and hassle-free delivery of your coins. Like us most IRA Trust companies also use Delaware Depository to hold your coins so this would be a simple electronic transfer, we sell the coins and transfer them to your IRA, once we are in receipt of full payment.

To qualify as an IRA-approved product, precious metals must meet minimum fineness levels. The American Gold Eagle is the only exception to the following numbers. Minimum gold fineness: .995. Minimum silver fineness: .999. Minimum platinum fineness: .9995. Minimum palladium fineness: .9995. Any products falling outside of these ranges, excluding American Gold Eagles, are not approved for IRA contributions. Examples of non-approved precious metals products include pre-1933 gold, gold Krugerrands, and 90% US silver coins.

Most depositories, including Delaware Depository, provide full accounting and reporting services to ensure your metals are safe and accounted for. All metals are also fully segregated from other customers’ metals at no additional cost and are insured for their full amount.

No. Our only part of the IRA contribution process is selling the actual metal to the custodian, which we do at our normal rates with no commissions or surcharges added.

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