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American Gold Eagle coins are among the most popular and prestigious entities in the world of precious metals investments.

They’re an official gold bullion coin from the USA, first released by the United States Mint way back in 1986. At Wall Street Metals IRA we celebrate the entire catalog of American Gold Eagle Coins.  Whether you are hunting to complete your collection or want to diversify with a selection of Proofs or particular year, we got you covered!

Beautiful design

The American Gold Eagle is not only incredibly popular because of how easy it is to trade, it’s prestige, history, and how popular it is across the entire globe, but also for its beautiful and iconic design features.

It depicts Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ full-length portrayal of Lady Liberty, fully equipped with the iconic olive branch and carrying her torch. The reverse of this fantastic bullion coin is equally iconic, and features the majestic eagle soaring magnificently above a nest of hatchlings and female, mother eagle.

You don’t get much more American than that, and the design connotes strength, unity, and importance of America. The coins are produced from gold mined in the United States of America for that added authenticity, and are backed by the United States government as legal tender.

This, along with the beautiful, truly patriotic design, makes the American Eagle Gold Coin extremely precious to American buyers, as well as those from further afield and indeed across the world.

Fantastic Investment Opportunity

The massive popularity of these coins makes them the perfect precious metal investment opportunity. The fact that they look magnificent also plays a part, too, but the mass appeal of this coin comes from the fact that they are manufactured with the highest levels of quality and security, making them a strong investment product for your portfolio.

They were originally minted in 1986 and ever since then, they have been a mainstay in precious metals collections around the United States of America and every corner of the planet.

The fact that they are also legal tender within the United States is also a massive selling point for investors, as it makes them easier to trade than many other bullion or precious metals on the market. They’re recognizable and popular with any end of world prepper, american concerned with the dollar collapsing, worry of government confiscating bank accounts, Bidenflation or the invasion of Ukraine.  Protect your wealth, get involved and buy yours today with a reputable and trustworthy seller – Wall Street Metals IRA.

International Popularity

America is popular around the world, and this is particularly the case when it comes to high-quality, prestigious precious metals. The American Eagle is iconic around the planet too, as is Lady Liberty, and both show the strength and importance of America on a global and domestic scale.

The American Gold Eagle coins are therefore not only popular in America, but across the world from China to the United Kingdom, across Europe and the Americas, and everywhere in between. This is therefore a truly special product and one of the most well-established and prestigious pieces of gold available today, so it’s no surprise that they are such a popular investment and collection opportunity for precious metals enthusiasts around the world.

The denominations we provide

When it comes to American Gold Eagle coins, your best bet is with Wall Street Metals IRA. Since we have such immense buying power and a strong reputation within the industry, we are able to proudly stock every denomination of American Gold Eagle Coins available today. But what are these denominations?

Well, American Gold Eagle coins are offered in 1oz, 1/10 oz, ½ oz, and ¼ oz, all of which are available to buy online with Wall Street Metals IRA online today. We also feature on our website a  2017 4-coin proof American gold eagle coins set with box and COA.

Specification, composition, and delivery details

1 oz American Gold Eagle coins from Wall Street Metals IRA are absolutely guaranteed to be 100% authentic and genuine. This means they are the purest of the pure which gives you that extra peace of mind around what you’re buying.

Our Delaware Depository ships all of our coins via FED EX in a plastic flip and are placed in discrete shipping boxes. Coins are fully insured by The Lloyds Of London  during the delivery process, if there is any damage or God forbid the package is lost, you will receive a full reimbursement for the purchase price, but this is incredibly rare. The coins also arrive in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

The 1 oz American Gold Eagle is not only one of the most popular coins in America, but is also the largest gold coin currently produced by the United States Mint. This means it carries a face value of $50 USD, coming in at an astounding 22 karat gold and comprised of 91.67% gold. The rest of the coin is made up of copper (5.33%) and silver (3%). It also features and contains 1 troy oz of pure gold content due to the fact that the coin actually weighs 1.0909 troy ounces in total, which makes up 1 troy ounce of pure gold.

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